Plum Insight: Delivering spectrum for mobile broadband – the role of spectrum valuation

There is a widespread consensus that more spectrum needs to be allocated for mobile broadband. The ITU has forecast a requirement for 1720 MHz by 2020, up from around 300-600MHz assigned today. Many countries in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific have published targets to increase the amount of spectrum for mobile services by[…]

The economic value of spectrum use in Europe

Plum provided the GSMA with independent estimates of the economic value of eight major applications of spectrum. These applications included mobile services, wireless LANs, terrestrial broadcasting, and satellite broadcasting. The consumer surplus generated by these applications was estimated across the EU 27 member states in 2013 and 2023.  In each case the methodology and assumptions[…]

Impact of spectrum assignment approaches on growth and jobs

Plum prepared a paper for Vodafone assessing the potential consequences of different spectrum assignment approaches being considered in sub-Saharan Africa. In particular the paper discusses three case studies: Kenya, where a single, monopoly wholesale LTE network based on a public private partnership (PPP) model was being considered by the Government Ghana, where incumbent operators were[…]

The economic potential of cross-border pay-to-view and listen audiovisual media services

Plum, with TNS, assessed the economic potential for cross-border pay-to-view and/or listen audiovisual media services in the European Union. The study involved a review of the supply of audiovisual services over terrestrial, cable, satellite, IPTV and over-the-top platforms both nationally and across the EU, and consumer surveys on interest and willingness to pay for such[…]

Assessing the public value of satellite communications

Plum, Aegis and Britten Consulting advised the European Space Agency on the application of the public value framework to assess the value of satellite spectrum use. This involved consideration of a number of case studies on different classes of satellite services across various frequency bands, including fixed satellite services (FSS), mobile satellite services (MSS) and[…]