Plum Insight: Harmonised spectrum for mobile – challenges for ASEAN and South Asia

As smartphones and other devices drive up data traffic on wireless broadband networks, governments are placing greater emphasis on spectrum policy as an engine of wider economic development. In many ASEAN and South Asia countries, there is currently a 200 MHz shortfall in spectrum assigned for mobile services compared to countries in Europe and North[…]

Spectrum demand forecasting methodologies

Plum reviewed the methods used for spectrum estimation historically and recommends a methodology for a GSMA assessment of spectrum demand as an input paper into the WRC15 preparatory work. The report considered: Traffic demand forecasting out to 2025 Economic influences on long term demand An appropriate methodology for spectrum forecasting. Plum also illustrated how spectrum demand calculations[…]

European policies supporting wireless broadband

This paper discusses the recent development of European level policies regarding wireless broadband services, and in particular those adopted by the European Union. We address three main policy strands, namely broadband service provision in general, spectrum allocation and policies addressing competition issues in mobile markets. We find that the European Commission has successfully promulgated good[…]