Potential incentives for freeing up under-utilised public sector spectrum in Australia

This study assessed international developments in how spectrum management organisations and governments are working with their respective public sector agencies to free up under-utilised spectrum. These findings were then used to advise on how to provide appropriate incentives to free up public sector spectrum in Australia. Case study countries that provided examples of a systematic[…]

Principles for implementing opportunity cost pricing for spectrum

This project, for the ACMA, provided advice on administrative pricing for spectrum based on opportunity cost. Specifically, Plum advised on the appropriate level of opportunity cost pricing in the 400 MHz band across geographic areas with varying degrees of congestion, and on approaches to implementing spectrum pricing. The 400 MHz band (380-430MHz and 450-520 MHz)[…]

Spectrum licence valuation in Canada

This study, for Industry Canada, valued cellular and PCS spectrum licences which covered the 824-849/869-894 MHz and 1850-1910/1930-1990 MHz frequency ranges in Canada. This was done with a view to determining an appropriate annual fee for the next 10 year term of the licences. Plum examined auction results in Canada and elsewhere for spectrum used[…]