Plum has extensive experience in the exploitation of technology to meet business objectives. Our expertise includes engineering, spectrum management, economics, policy development, commercial and technical modelling, research and development delivery and management, systems architecture, business-technology alignment, architecture development, strategic planning, sourcing, product strategy, value management and transformational programme governance, and we have worked across a variety of sectors including telecommunications, broadcasting and media, and satellite.

Our technology experience spans the full ‘stack’, from devices, through access, core, and transport networks, to business and operational support (B/OSS) and enterprise information systems.

Where business is dependent on technology, as is increasingly becoming the case in today’s markets, we believe that sound business is only built on sound understanding, planning and operational use of technology.

Technology strategy, business alignment, and management of technology value

Technology solutions must be continuously aligned to business needs and this requires expertise in network engineering, system dimensioning, IT systems, and architecture.

Our client experience includes engineering level analysis, product strategy development, technology systems selection, systems architecture development, and systems strategy. It also includes CTO and CIO advisory, development of business objectives and their decomposition to detailed requirements, business process analysis, development of architecture solutions to align with required and acceptable business, financial and risk profiles, and vendor analyses.

Depending on scale and requirements, our support may involve focused strategic reviews or broader cross-functional workshops.

Strategic sourcing and vendor selection

Effective sourcing of technology and services is less about simple price negotiation and more about ensuring that strategic business needs are effectively met.

Our experience in sourcing includes supporting clients in network maintenance contracts, matching network and IT system designs to the needs of the business, international price benchmarking and alignment, forensic contracts review and supplier negotiations, vendor selection programmes, and development and management of tendering processes and documentation.

Programme governance and assurance, and vendor management

In large and complex programmes such as business and technology transformations, project management is not sufficient and wider perspective is required, taking into account various factors such as detailed project planning, resource and risk management, architecture and technology alignment, contracting, and regular and intensive reviews to maintain alignment across planned objectives and actual results.

We have experience in supporting clients in programme governance and assurance engagements, where risk and failure may result if loss of vision of core business objectives results in a sea of delivery complexity.

Our independent support can significantly mitigate risk and ensure that programme objectives and activities remain true to plan throughout the full planning and delivery cycle. 

Telecommunications networks and IT systems

Plum has extensive experience in telecommunications technologies, covering fixed and wireless networks, and IT systems.

Our experience includes network coverage and capacity dimensioning, cost analysis, architecture, and procurement.

We are also experienced in networks and systems strategy development, design, and management of the delivery of projects and larger complex programmes.

Broadcasting and satellite systems

We have practical experience of terrestrial broadcast networks for radio and TV services. We have undertaken studies related to implementation of digital broadcast networks and the so-called ‘digital dividend’. Areas of our experience include network coverage planning, radio interference analysis, antenna specification, and site surveys and testing.

Satellite systems’ design, implementation, and management bring a unique set of challenges, with high risk, high capital intensity, and specific engineering requirements. We have provided advice to clients in this sector for over a decade. Our experience includes systems design and technical regulations development, requirements specification, architecture, radio propagation, interference analysis, and international co-ordination.


Val Jervis

Val Jervis

Val Jervis is a Director at Plum and has over 35 years industrial and regulatory experience relating to radio communications.  This includes eight years in senior roles directly involved in the licensing and regulation of fixed and mobile telecommunication services within the UK regulator.

She has been involved in and led a considerable number of studies relating to the development of spectrum policy and knowledge transfer for both large and small countries and has particular experience in issues associated with refarming of spectrum, spectrum licensing, pricing and award from a technical and market perspective.  Her knowledge in these areas has enabled Val to provide advice to regulators world-wide on the development of spectrum roadmaps and also comment on associated draft regulations or provide advice  on specific issues being faced such as release of spectrum for mobile services.

Val has a BSc (Hons) Electrical / Electronic Engineering from Lanchester Polytechnic and is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the IET.