We draw on economics and engineering to offer strategy, policy and regulatory advice on telecommunications, spectrum, online and media issues. We use our knowledge of the sector and our clients’ perspectives to deliver solutions to problems.


What we offer


Mobile and fixed line strategy and regulatory policy, competition and commercial analysis, engineering modelling


Regulatory policy, technical standards, terrestrial coverage and system planning

Digital platforms

Competition and regulation, market definition, net neutrality, technology and platform independence

Spectrum management

Spectrum release and auction design, ITU-R and CEPT engagement, national allocation policies, coexistence and monitoring

Radio engineering

Propagation, interference analysis, coverage planning, experimental studies, technology evaluation

Network infrastructure

Telecommunications and broadcasting networks, satellite systems and capacity analysis, technical planning and simulation

Plum’s work [on costing methodologies and relevant markets] was of outstanding quality and had a significant influence on the European Commission.

Ralf Nigge, ETNO