Wi-Fi for Metropolitan Area applications

The study was undertaken to inform on recent developments in Wi-Fi technology and deployments and the potential implications for future spectrum demand.  Extensive analysis of technical developments relating to Wi-Fi, discussions with Wi-Fi service providers and equipment vendors were undertaken to inform the study. The current status of deployments were explored in the UK and[…]

Plum Insight: Over-the-top – hindering or helping achieve European Digital Agenda goals?

Some have argued that over-the-top applications are undermining the capacity of network operators to invest and are free riding. We find that growth of internet based over-the-top applications is a key driver of investment in ubiquitous higher speed higher capacity access networks, and far from free riding creates the demand conditions that will support investment[…]

Regulatory capacity building for mobile broadband

As part of a major Study for the Papua New Guinea (PNG) regulator we provided assistance to Incyte in respect of the regulation of radio spectrum.  The specific issues  covered were how to calculate the cost of spectrum that was proposed to be traded in the future and how to award 700 MHz spectrum and liberalise[…]

Spectrum reassignment in Hong Kong – the case of the 1.9-2.2GHz band

Plum was commissioned by the 3G licensees in Hong Kong to appraise the technical and economic consequences of the arrangements proposed by OFCA for reissue of 2.1 GHz spectrum licences on expiry. The project looks at OFCA’s proposals for competition and spectrum utilisation fees i.e. annual licence fees for spectrum that is not going to[…]

Advice on TV broadcast standards in Singapore

Plum and Aegis advised the Media Development Authority of Singapore on the development of a Code of Practice for TV broadcast standards. The study included a review of international standards and regulations for broadcast TV services across different distribution mechanisms including terrestrial broadcasting, cable, IPTV and over-the-top (OTT). A consultation with stakeholders was also conducted.[…]