Regulatory capacity building

This study involved providing radio spectrum expertise to Incyte, the lead consultancy, for this World Bank Study.  The first step was to identify those specific areas that should be addressed by the regulator based on the size of the country, staff available, likely demand for radio spectrum and the situation in regards to the development of[…]

Convergence and the Uber economy

This first phase of convergence saw digitised content substitute progressively for physical content. It provided a stimulus for broadband adoption, was benign from a communications market perspective, and continues to drive a transformation of the music and video industries. The combination of smartphones and apps stores, with the launch of the Apple app store via[…]

Challenges and opportunities of broadcast-broadband convergence and its impact on spectrum and network use

Plum led a 12 month study, working with Farncombe, to assess the options for future use of UHF spectrum in the EU – with a focus on the case for and against a converged mobile/DTT platform. The study involved: Wide consultation with, and three workshops for, industry players A detailed assessment of how audio-visual services[…]

Annual spectrum fees and price metrics

Plum produced a study on annual fees for mobile spectrum. The study considered the different types of annual fee, evaluated the metrics used for reporting and comparing fees and compared the level of spectrum fees across countries. This analysis was then used to make recommendations on best practice for setting spectrum fees. Regulators have different[…]