Private band management in the Australian spectrum market

This study advised on the conditions required to foster successful private band management in the Australian spectrum market. To this end Plum researched band management arrangements in the Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US and considered the feasibility of these arrangements in Australia, given the current legal and regulatory arrangements for spectrum management.[…]

A spectrum inventory for the UK

This study attempts to identify frequency bands in which there might be an opportunity to change the current use to a higher value alternative use, in order to increase economic welfare over the next 10-15 years. The scope for making such changes could be limited by legal impediments or interference considerations and could involve moving[…]

Assisted living technologies for older and disabled people

Plum led a nine-month study to develop 20-year scenarios of the way in which assisted living technologies might be used to allow older and disabled people to richer and longer independent lives in their own homes.  As well as technology drivers, the scenarios took account to institutional factors, likely economic and demographic changes, and the[…]