Valuation of radio broadcasting spectrum

The study was intended to help inform policy decisions on the possible ways forward for licensing analogue radio broadcasting spectrum and the likely value of the spectrum.  The approach was constrained to a competitive award using a beauty contest by the existing regulations.  However benchmarking was undertaken to identify how other countries had awarded radio broadcasting spectrum and[…]

Spectrum demand forecasting methodologies

Plum reviewed the methods used for spectrum estimation historically and recommends a methodology for a GSMA assessment of spectrum demand as an input paper into the WRC15 preparatory work. The report considered: Traffic demand forecasting out to 2025 Economic influences on long term demand An appropriate methodology for spectrum forecasting. Plum also illustrated how spectrum demand calculations[…]

If you want fibre… should you lower the price of copper?

Motivated by a desire to deliver high speed broadband to European citizens there is an active debate in Europe over how copper and fibre should be regulated during the transition to fibre. The rhetorical title of this paper is based on a proposition promoted by some in Europe – the price of copper should be[…]

The economic potential of cross-border pay-to-view and listen audiovisual media services

Plum, with TNS, assessed the economic potential for cross-border pay-to-view and/or listen audiovisual media services in the European Union. The study involved a review of the supply of audiovisual services over terrestrial, cable, satellite, IPTV and over-the-top platforms both nationally and across the EU, and consumer surveys on interest and willingness to pay for such[…]

Assessing the public value of satellite communications

Plum, Aegis and Britten Consulting advised the European Space Agency on the application of the public value framework to assess the value of satellite spectrum use. This involved consideration of a number of case studies on different classes of satellite services across various frequency bands, including fixed satellite services (FSS), mobile satellite services (MSS) and[…]