Francois Lambert

Francois Lambert

Francois Lambert brings a wealth of expertise in space law and regulatory frameworks, with a specialised focus on the rapidly evolving space economy, including communications, technology, and sustainability in space ventures.

Francois’s career includes notable contributions to major space initiatives, such as Amazon’s Project Kuiper, where he contributed to regulatory and spectrum licensing. He has also led important infrastructure transactions for European initiatives such as GALILEO, EGNOS, and Copernicus. His experience includes key roles at IBM, NETSCOUT, and the Australian National University, where he successfully negotiated high-value technology deals in aerospace, defense, telecommunications, security, and IT.

Francois combines his thorough knowledge of space law and technology with proven skill in managing regulatory issues. This equips him with distinctive insights into complex areas, such as satellite communications, space sustainability, private space exploration, space-based solar power, and extraterrestrial resources utilization.

He is recognized as a World Economic Forum Expert on Space and has co-authored ‘European Trajectories in Space Law’, a comprehensive exploration of Europe’s legal and policy challenges in space.

Francois holds an advanced educational background in law and technology, underpinning his expertise in guiding organizations through the dynamic landscape of the space economy.