Ian Corden

Ian Corden

Ian is a Director at Plum, bringing over 25 years of experience in industry and consulting within telecoms and technology. He is passionate on the application of emerging technologies, engineering, and innovation for the development of commercial, economic, and social value.

He specialises in the intersects on strategy and transformation, technology, engineering, and architecture, and policy and regulation, with a particular focus towards development and delivery of practical commercial solutions, underpinned by robust analysis and proven experience.

Ian’s work has been used by governments and regulators to inform on policy development and implementation, and by operators, vendors, investors, and law firms in regulatory, commercial, and technology strategy development and solutions delivery.

He is particularly proficient in connecting strategy and policy with real-world engineering and technology, from the perspective of commercial players, whose motivation is often to forge innovative business models and high performance solutions quickly and efficiently, navigating or changing policy and regulation as may be required.

Solutions delivered for clients have included development of a converged 5G-fibre architecture and commercial plan for a leading UK-based altnet, 5G spectrum review influencing national government policy for a leading UK industry body, quality review of a wholesale local access regulatory price control model for a major European regulator, c. £10m capex saving on a major IP network implementation programme for a European telco, spectrum auction valuation advice for a European mobile operator, and valuation advice to the board of a European telco on disposal of a key business arm.

During the early part of his career, he worked in defence systems and digital mobile radio and was awarded the Bell Labs President’s Prize for R&D and product development at Bell Labs NJ USA. Ian holds PhD and BSc (1st Class Hons, IET Prize) degrees in Telecommunications and Electronic Engineering, plus PgD in Management and Finance, UK Chartered Engineer, Fellow IET, and is Vice-Chair of the techUK Communications Infrastructure Council.