Measurement of vegetation loss at 3.6 GHz

On behalf of a UK telecommunications operator, we made measurements of the attenuation due to the woodland surrounding a satellite Earth station. The measurements, at 3.6 GHz, made use of a specially-developed channel sounder. Measurements were made in both summer and winter, and the results have been incorporated in ITU-R Recommendation P.833.

Measuring interference to DTT at 800 MHz

We have provided specialist technical advice to ‘Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited’, the UK body charged with managing issues of LTE to DTT interference at 800 MHz LTE. This work has involved a number of strands including;  the development of algorithms and computer models for the site-specific prediction of interference from mobile base stations to domestic DTT receivers;[…]

Study of household (TV) aerial condition in UK

As part of the digital switchover process in the UK this study was undertaken to assess how closely actual antennas corresponded to those used by planners to assess coverage for digital TV. The primary technical objective was to analyse the new survey data that had been collected to determine whether there has been any significant change in[…]