PPDR transformation centre

Plum was part of a consortium examining all aspects of Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) systems under European research programme FP7. Plum was involved in the development of the reference usage scenarios with the aim of identifying the typical current and anticipated future operational scenarios faced by PPDR operatives and the related communications needs,[…]

Public safety spectrum requirements

The study addressed the likely spectrum requirements for public safety (PPDR) spectrum requirements in Europe for the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.   The functional requirements of European government agencies with PPDR responsibilities were reviewed by conducting extensive stakeholder interviews.  Quantitative modelling was then performed to translate and further refine these requirements  into detailed[…]

Spectrum requirements for TETRA network

For ComReg conducted a study on the spectrum requirements for a nationwide TETRA network for the Emergency Services. The study aimed at estimating the amount of spectrum that might be required to roll out a national TETRA network in the 380–400 MHz band providing coverage to 98% of the landmass of Ireland for hand-portable terminals[…]