Upgrading mobile service allocation in 3600–3800 MHz

World Radio Conference 2023 Agenda Item 1.3 calls for studies to examine the feasibility of allocating 3600 – 3800 MHz band to the mobile service (except aeronautical mobile) on a primary basis in Region 1 (i.e. Europe, Middle East and Africa). The band is already allocated to the mobile service in Region 1 but on a secondary basis, i.e. not allowed to cause interference to, or claim interference protection from, primary services. Services with primary allocation in this band in Region 1 are the fixed and fixed satellite services.

This brief paper outlines some of the key issues raised by the possible upgrading of the mobile service status to primary, discusses potential approaches to minimise the impact on incumbent fixed and fixed satellite networks and presents Plum’s capabilities that may be relevant to affected stakeholders.