TV interference from Italy

The study involved an investigation into the potential for interference into mobile networks deployed in neighbouring countries, using IMT technologies, if Italy continued to use high power TV transmitters in the 790 – 862 MHz band for Digital Terrestrial TV.  The interference analysis was undertaken using the in-house spectrum planning tool and parameters from the[…]

Study of household (TV) aerial condition in UK

As part of the digital switchover process in the UK this study was undertaken to assess how closely actual antennas corresponded to those used by planners to assess coverage for digital TV. The primary technical objective was to analyse the new survey data that had been collected to determine whether there has been any significant change in[…]

Estimating the commercial trading value of spectrum

Plum and Aegis developed a generic methodology for estimating the value of spectrum and constructed a model that could be applied to a variety of frequency bands ranging between 10 MHz and 100 GHz. The purpose of the model is to investigate how provision of spectrum value information may inform and stimulate trading in spectrum[…]

Voice telephony services for deaf people

Plum assessed the extent to which existing telecommunications relay services meet the needs of four specific groups of deaf people and the extent to which relay services using more recent technologies might serve these groups effectively.  The study involved primary research with 24 deaf people.