Assessment of Canadian spectrum auction rules

Plum was engaged by Industry Canada to review the proposed rules for the 2500 MHz spectrum auction. Our review was about the issue of XOR-OR bidding (and potential other bidding language variations) that might be adopted for the auction and has focussed on amendments being considered for the auction since the last general review performed in[…]

Plum Insight: Delivering spectrum for mobile broadband – the role of spectrum valuation

There is a widespread consensus that more spectrum needs to be allocated for mobile broadband. The ITU has forecast a requirement for 1720 MHz by 2020, up from around 300-600MHz assigned today. Many countries in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific have published targets to increase the amount of spectrum for mobile services by[…]

Plum Insight: Harmonised spectrum for mobile – challenges for ASEAN and South Asia

As smartphones and other devices drive up data traffic on wireless broadband networks, governments are placing greater emphasis on spectrum policy as an engine of wider economic development. In many ASEAN and South Asia countries, there is currently a 200 MHz shortfall in spectrum assigned for mobile services compared to countries in Europe and North[…]

Harmonised spectrum for mobile services in ASEAN and South Asia

In this report for Axiata Group Berhad, Plum examined the state of current spectrum assignments and future spectrum plans across different regions, and highlighted the issues and challenges facing countries in ASEAN and South Asia. Plum found that there was a shortfall of around 200 MHz assigned for mobile services in many middle and low[…]