Avoiding the spectrum crunch for mobile broadband and multimedia

A study by Plum Consulting, unveiled today at the 6th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference in Brussels, shows that using the 1.4 GHz band (i.e. 1452-1492 MHz also called 1.5 GHz by the European Parliament or the L-band by the CEPT) for enhanced multimedia and broadband services would:

  • Generate a net present value for Europe of as much as €54 billion over a 10 year period.
  • Substantially enhance user experience through faster download speeds, fostering content and access competition and innovation.
  • Aid mobile broadband roll-out by enabling a far greater number of users.
  • Provide European businesses with an early opportunity to compete given the possibility for 1.4 GHz supplemental downlink deployment in the Middle East, Africa, Canada, as well as Central and South America.
Below is a map of 1.4 GHz availability [updated February 2012]

1.4 GHz availability