Review of spectrum pricing in the Bahamas

Plum advised the Utilities Regulatory and Competition Authority of Bahamas on the revision of its spectrum fees schedule for licensed services. The main purpose was to ensure that the spectrum fee structure and fee levels would fulfil a suitable balance of objectives, including the optimal use of the radio spectrum, universal service and affordable access to high quality communications services.

The work undertaken by Plum comprised:

  • Benchmarking fees in the Bahamas against those set in comparable countries in terms of levels of economic development, geography and demographics
  • Identifying best practice for setting fees and considering its relevance in the Bahamas context taking account of the extent of demand for spectrum by different uses and bands
  • Developing a pricing model that separates fees aimed at recovering the costs of spectrum management from fees intended to promote efficient spectrum use
  • Supporting URCA in the public consultation process, including drafting of the consultation paper and reviewing the responses received, and in finalising the revised fee schedule.

URCA’s final decision and the revised fee schedule has been published, and is available here.