The economic value of spectrum use in Europe

Plum provided the GSMA with independent estimates of the economic value of eight major applications of spectrum. These applications included mobile services, wireless LANs, terrestrial broadcasting, and satellite broadcasting. The consumer surplus generated by these applications was estimated across the EU 27 member states in 2013 and 2023.  In each case the methodology and assumptions[…]

Assessment of market demand for spectrum allocated to the public sector

Plum worked with the Shareholder Executive (BIS) to develop a view of commercial demand for public sector spectrum. Spectrum is a valuable input to the production of numerous services with social and economic value. The 2005 Cave Audit found that there was considerable potential to reallocate spectrum from public sector use to commercial use in[…]

Optimising the Public Sector’s Use of the Radio Spectrum in the European Union

Plum provided the lead economics input and Aegis provided the lead technical input to a report assessing issues concerning the management and use of spectrum by the public sector in Europe and developing policy options for addressing these issues.  The study involved two public workshops and extensive consultation with public sector spectrum users.

Spectrum efficiency of analogue and digital wireless microphones

The study sought to quantify the relative and absolute spectrum efficiency of digital and analogue wireless microphones.  It was required in the context of the general background of reduced availability of UHF spectrum for PMSE use, and the specific requirement to ensure adequate spectrum resources for the London Olympics in 2012.   The study considered examples[…]