High performance wireless broadband: an opportunity for rural and enterprise 5G

Plum was commissioned jointly by UKWISPA[1] and INCA[2] to conduct an independent and updated assessment of the potential benefits of fixed wireless access (FWA) technologies, for provision of broadband services in the UK market. Our focus has been directed towards review of the performance levels available with modern commercially available FWA solutions. Within the study,[…]

The Impact of a Broadband Universal Service Obligation in the UK

The total cost, number of premises connected and overall net-benefit to the country of a broadband USO for the UK are all sensitive to design choices such as download speed, cost threshold, assumed take-up rates and funding mechanism – so were the findings of Plum’s study for the Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG). The BSG is[…]

Gotta Cover ’em All: can Pokémon help deliver universal broadband coverage?

Mobile network planning is by now a pretty well established process – operators first roll out coverage to areas where there is a large demand, and then add additional equipment or spectrum in areas where the coverage layer doesn’t provide enough capacity. The initial coverage investment is restricted to where enough people are willing to[…]

Developing a national broadband strategy for Oman

This study, for the Government of Oman, proposed a strategy for rolling out affordable basic broadband to everybody in Oman within three years and high-speed broadband to virtually everyone within eight years. The benefits of such a strategy are considerable. There is now a substantial body of evidence which demonstrates that universal use of broadband-based[…]

European policies supporting wireless broadband

This paper discusses the recent development of European level policies regarding wireless broadband services, and in particular those adopted by the European Union. We address three main policy strands, namely broadband service provision in general, spectrum allocation and policies addressing competition issues in mobile markets. We find that the European Commission has successfully promulgated good[…]