Support to Ofcom’s review of fees for fixed links and permanent earth stations

Plum supported Ofcom in its review of administered incentive pricing (AIP) fees in the frequency bands licensed for fixed links, permanent earth stations (PES) and transportable earth stations (TES).  Plum advised on a pricing structure and price levels that would incentivise economically efficient use of radio spectrum.

Leaving a legacy: enabling efficient network transition

Plum prepared a report for BT on enabling an efficient transition from traditional to new Ethernet services in the business connectivity market.  The report considered relative pricing between legacy and new services, security of supply, legacy service closure and the appropriate scope of regulation during transition.

Regulating for effective competition in Mexican telecommunications

Plum carried out a major study for the board of the IFT – the telecommunications and broadcasting regulator – in Mexico. In March 2014 the newly formed IFT declared AMX a preponderant economic agent in the telecommunications sector and Televisa a preponderant economic agent in the broadcasting sector, with a review of market conditions after[…]