Regulating for effective competition in Mexican telecommunications

Plum carried out a major study for the board of the IFT – the telecommunications and broadcasting regulator – in Mexico.

In March 2014 the newly formed IFT declared AMX a preponderant economic agent in the telecommunications sector and Televisa a preponderant economic agent in the broadcasting sector, with a review of market conditions after two years to determine whether the IFT needs to take further action – such as structural separation. At the same time, the IFT imposed asymmetric regulations on AMX as a preponderant agent.

We assessed the state of competition in the telecommunications sector and the future prospects for competition.   We then explore how the IFT might regulate the sector under the new law, including options for separation of vertically integrated players.  International case studies were used to illuminate the nature and outcomes of different regulatory approaches.  Lastly, we develop guidance on the principles which the NRA should use to move individual markets towards effective competition.