Brian Williamson spoke at the ETNO-MLex Regulatory Summit in Brussels

The event “Defining new directions” focussed on the revision of the relevant markets recommendation which lists those electronic communications markets considered susceptible to regulation.  Plum has produced a study for ETNO on the changes required to the recommendation in view of changing market circumstances – both since the last review in 2007 and anticipated on a forward looking basis.

The timeline below summarises key changes and anticipated changes in the market:

ETNO market change timeline

The above changes involve:

  • A shift to broadband access as the key platform in the communications sector
  • A shift towards mobile – smart mobile devices, mobile broadband access and use of mobile applications
  • Increased access platform competition with the deployment of cable DOCSIS 3.0 and LTE
  • Increased services competition with over-the-top internet based applications competing with legacy voice and SMS services

The shift to broadband access coupled with increased access and services competition imply that regulation should be targeted at remaining broadband access bottlenecks, coupled with removal of competitive services markets from the recommendation.

Access the full report here.