At sixes and sevens: sharing opportunities (or battles) in 6 GHz   

A hot topic at WRC 23 was the identification of further bands for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) under Agenda Item 1.2. Discussions and negotiation resulted in identification for IMT through a footnote to the Radio Regulations of the band 6425-7025 MHz in Region 1, and 7025-7125 MHz in Region 3. Both of these identifications exist[…]

Review of Standard Operating Procedures for spectrum investigation in Ireland

Plum carried out a project to review the operating procedures of the Spectrum Investigation and Enforcement teams of the Commission for Communications Regulation Ireland (ComReg) and to produce a new operational procedures handbook for use by ComReg Spectrum enforcement staff. The handbook covered areas of Compliance checking, Interference Investigation, Enforcement procedures, Health and Safety, Administration,[…]

Road to 5G: calibrating the right environment for Digital India

With the 5G era just around the corner, policymakers around the world have outlined ambitious national objectives for the digital economy. Specific targets are often set for the underpinning infrastructure and India is no exception. The India mobile industry has experienced a series of challenges in recent times – from a protracted price war, market[…]