5G Roadmap for MENA

The study assessed the current status of 5G spectrum awards across non-GCC MENA countries, and developed a high level roadmap for the award of 4G or 5G spectrum depending on the current status of the individual countries markets. The study was not intended to provide a detailed process for each country but to provide a set of steps and associated recommendations based on available information from GSMAi, regulators and operators and web searching. The report was delivered in both English and French and set out the following:

  • Details of which spectrum is envisioned for 5G use in MENA.
  • International best practice in awarding 5G spectrum, including details on pricing, award mechanisms, frequency allocation tables, and timing.
  • The current state of IMT spectrum awards in each country. This summarised any policy statements that have been made, existing users in 5G bands and any plans for clearance.
  • A categorisation of countries based on the current state of awards. This will enable the GSMA to identify which countries are most advanced in their plans for 5G release, and those which suffer from significant constraints on release of spectrum.
  • An overview of how spectrum should be released, including details of the identification, clearance, award and assignment stages.

The full report is available to read on the GSMA website or to download below.