At sixes and sevens: sharing opportunities (or battles) in 6 GHz   

A hot topic at WRC 23 was the identification of further bands for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) under Agenda Item 1.2. Discussions and negotiation resulted in identification for IMT through a footnote to the Radio Regulations of the band 6425-7025 MHz in Region 1, and 7025-7125 MHz in Region 3. Both of these identifications exist alongside wireless access systems (WAS).

It remains to be seen what the outcome will be in practice of this decision for the Upper 6 GHz (6425-7125MHz) band – will sharing between the two services (IMT and Wi-Fi) be feasible within a country, or will it be necessary to segment the band or identify a single technology? Also, will there be a split between countries, with some supporting the introduction of IMT and others Wi-Fi6 technologies – requiring the need for co-ordination at country borders? This paper discusses these developments and reflects on the various possibilities for the upper 6 GHz band.