900 MHz band liberalisation

The objective of study was to assess the impact of allowing the 900MHz spectrum band to be liberalised to provide services in Romania with UMTS (3G) systems. This opening up of the spectrum band was required by 2009 EU Directives.

To assess the impact of allowing UMTS technologies to be used in the 900MHz band, the study:

  • developed a technical model to estimate the number of cell sites needed to provide network coverage with and without access to 900MHz spectrum, and the associated costs over a 15 year period
  • considered a range of scenarios – seven in total that reflected different demand levels, data rates, indoor coverage and data volume.  The seventh scenario assumed the use of LTE rather than UMTS.
  • undertook market analysis, which incorporated data supplied by the operators; considered scenarios for future spectrum allocations; assessed potential technology developments and prepared scenarios – all of which allowed the model to reflect the prospective conditions in the Romania market.

The impact of the different scenarios for future spectrum allocations and associated analysis allowed the implications of different outcomes on the competitive status of the networks to be identified.