Sweating the Small Stuff – the impact of the bureaucracy burden

This report examines the impacts of administration – including that caused by regulation – on SMEs, particularly looking at how much effort and cost these companies have to spend to comply with requirements. Across the eleven countries studied, the the size of the administrative burden varies considerably, but, on average, requires around 120 man-days and[…]

Plum Insight: Video content and broadband – a marriage made in heaven

In the developed world there is now strong convergence between the retail pay TV markets and the retail broadband markets in which suppliers in both markets increasingly compete for the spend of the same consumers. This trend is likely to continue as the capability of fixed and mobile broadband networks continues to improve rapidly over[…]

Gotta Cover ’em All: can Pokémon help deliver universal broadband coverage?

Mobile network planning is by now a pretty well established process – operators first roll out coverage to areas where there is a large demand, and then add additional equipment or spectrum in areas where the coverage layer doesn’t provide enough capacity. The initial coverage investment is restricted to where enough people are willing to[…]

Risky business: managing through the uncertainty of Brexit in telecommunications

With so many areas affected by the potential British exit from the EU (Brexit) and the accompanying uncertainty, it is premature to form firm views as to how telecommunications players should react. Impact will depend largely on terms associated with withdrawal yet to be agreed between the UK and EU. Therefore, strategic planning and risk[…]

A policy toolkit for the app economy

Information and communications technology has made substantial contributions to productivity growth, and productivity growth is the only sustainable source of income and leisure growth. The smartphone’s ubiquity and growth in apps means that mobile devices are now the key enablers of this economic and social progress. Europe has done well in terms of mobile-apps. It[…]

A tipping point for regulation

Sector specific telecoms regulation evolved when the market was comparatively static and applications were comparatively homogenous. For around a century, telecoms equalled voice, and slow progress was made towards universality, typically under state ownership. Now, markets are in transition to broadband access, including fibre, and applications – including over the top (OTT) messaging applications –[…]

The internet – the new helping the old

Plum prepared a study on the value of the internet and how the new (the internet) is helping the old (the rest of the economy) for CCIA and EdiMA. The study examined the impact of the internet on many diverse sectors, including media and communications. The study was presented at a Brussels launch event.

All About That App

Plum prepared a study for a Fortune 500 consumer electronics, software and online services company on the app economy in Europe. The study estimated the size of the app economy, but also explored the (much greater) impact of apps use throughout the economy, estimating the benefits of app use in the transport, energy and health[…]

Convergence and the Uber economy

This first phase of convergence saw digitised content substitute progressively for physical content. It provided a stimulus for broadband adoption, was benign from a communications market perspective, and continues to drive a transformation of the music and video industries. The combination of smartphones and apps stores, with the launch of the Apple app store via[…]