DTT re-planning in Seychelles

The Study was undertaken to update the digital terrestrial television re-planning in the Seychelles, which was undertaken in 2008, to take into account:

(i) the need to avoid the use of channels 49-60 which were identified for possible use by cellular mobile services at WRC-12,

(ii) the use of DVB-T2 rather than DVB-T and

(iii) a number of revised operational requirements.

In the course of the study a suite of radio planning software developed over more than ten years was used to predict coverage and assist in the planning.  This software has been used in operational planning and in theoretical studies for Ofcom, the BBC, the UK radio authority, Danish, Malaysian and Greek broadcasters, as well as emergency services and civil radio users in many countries.

As part of the Study a series of coverage plots were provided to demonstrate the coverage provided by different transmitter sites.  For example the figure below shows the coverage on Mahe from the main transmitter sites:

Coverage on Mahe