Impact of building materials on radio waves

There is an increasing expectation that wireless services should be ubiquitously available, with seamless connectivity whether the user is indoors or outdoors.  It is therefore important that the impact of buildings on the propagation of radiowaves be understood and reliably characterised.  Although many measurements have been made over the decades, it is not always easy to apply the information.  The aim of this Study was to undertake a set of new comparable measurements that would allow the implications of the increased use of energy-efficient construction practices on building entry propagation loss to be examined.  As part of the study, the implications of different materials (e.g. metalised windows, foil-backed plasterboard) at different frequencies were considered.  Measurements were made on a modern house and one wing of Victorian mansion at the Building Research Establishment in Watford in conjunction with BRE and Signal Science using our survey vehicle shown below.

In building measurements 1

Further measurements were undertaken in an anechoic chamber.