Plum publishes two major studies exploring the wider digital ecosystem

Plum has today published on its website two major studies commissioned by Google. The two studies explore different aspects of the modern digital ecosystem.

The first study explores in detail how the Internet actually works to deliver content to end users. This includes analysis of how data moves around the Internet, how the Internet is coordinated and governed, and the key features of today’s Internet. It also includes analysis of the economics of the Internet and how its infrastructure is paid for. This study can be accessed here.

The second study assesses the mutually beneficial relationships that exist between participants in the telecommunications sector, and which serve to add value to the entire sector. These relationships, both direct and indirect, were grouped into three categories: relationships which enhance end-user demand for connected services, relationships which improve efficiencies, and complementary investments in network infrastructure. The study also discusses the wider impact of these relationships on the economy, society and environment. This study can be accessed here.