A symbiotic ecosystem – how Google contributes to the telecom sector

Plum prepared a major study exploring the mutually beneficial relationships that exist between participants in the telecommunications sector, including connectivity providers and online service providers. The study sets out a view of the wider telecoms sector and value chain, and identifies a number of mutually beneficial relationships that exist between sector players, and which serve to add value to the entire sector. These were grouped into three broad categories: enhanced end-user demand for connected services, improved efficiencies, and complementary investments in network infrastructure. Real-world examples were used to illustrate how these function in practice.

The Plum team built an economic model to assess impact of six of the identified symbiotic relationships. The impact was assessed in terms of the incremental benefit of deepening relationships to connectivity service providers operating in the APAC region. The study also qualitatively assessed the wider impact of these relationships on the economy, society and environment. Lastly, the study team reviewed emerging developments within the sector, concluding that partnerships are likely to become increasingly important in the delivery of next-generation connected services.