Logistical challenges of avoiding collisions between satellites and sleighs

As the festive season approaches, the activity at Northpole Oyj has kicked into high gear. But with nearly 2 billion children to reach, and only 26 hours (accounting for time zones) in which to do his deliveries, every micro-second counts for Santa. In recent years, however, a new constraint has made itself felt that complicates[…]

Analysis of the FFT Sender Party Network Pays proposal

In the European Union (EU), representative bodies of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), such as ETNO (the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association), have recently reopened the debate requesting that Content and Application Providers (CAPs) pay a content levy of sorts for traffic routed to the ISPs’ networks. We describe this as a “Sender Party Network Pays”[…]

Approaches to rural broadband in Europe

Many European countries are now getting at a point in their Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) deployment where the only portions of the territory that remain uncovered are deep rural areas. In initial plans laid out a decade ago, these areas were considered very hard to reach. Policy instruments were aimed at delivering some broadband[…]

Benoît Felten has joined Plum

Plum is delighted to announce that Benoît Felten has joined our team.  Benoît has extensive experience in telecommunications regulation and policy, and brings thought leadership in fixed and mobile network issues to build on Plum’s existing capabilities.  While he will be based in our Paris office, Benoît will work alongside all Plum staff to provide[…]