Review of licence fees in the Australian 17.3-51.4 GHz band

Plum was engaged by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to review the current taxes for the Ka (17.3-51.4 GHz) spectrum band, and to investigate how existing taxation arrangements could be improved. Plum concluded that the Ka band was unlikely to become congested in the near future, and that many frequency bands have witnessed[…]

Plum Aegis Merger

Plum Consulting London LLP and Aegis Systems Limited announced today that they have entered into an agreement under which the business operations of Aegis Systems will become part of Plum. Plum is a leading provider of strategy, policy and regulatory advice on telecommunications, spectrum, online and media issues. Aegis Systems is a preeminent independent provider[…]

Statistical analysis of ITU SRS database

The study involved a statistical analysis of the ITU Space Radiocommunications Stations (SRS) database (BR IFIC 2762, 4 February 2014) in order to benchmark differing satellite filing patterns between administrations.  The analysis method adopted enabled filing statistics to be presented principally by administration, time, frequency band and orbital slot.  The analysis was conducted for the[…]

Satellite filings and consultation support

Support was provided for satellite filings  (including link budget design) for Avanti Communications Ltd.  The company was awarded a licence to exploit the Digisat I and II filings at 33.5° W.  These filings granted Avanti the right to operate a broadcast service in the frequency allocation corresponding to the BSS plan (Region 1).  Avanti received[…]

Satellite location analysis

The purpose of the work was to establish the location history of a number of satellites.  A number of the satellites had claimed to have been in position to bring ITU filings into use on particular dates.  An application was developed to download two-line element sets from SpaceTrack which provides “space situational awareness services and information with U.S.[…]

Breathing apparatus telemetry interference

The study estimated the risk of interference into breathing apparatus telemetry systems operating at 862.9625 MHz used by the Fire and Rescue Services (FRS) in the UK.  The work undertaken fell into two parts; in the first part laboratory testing of breathing apparatus telemetry systems was undertaken to establish relevant interference limits while the second[…]

Licence conditions variation support

UKBB were seeking support for a variation to their technical licence conditions.  They were seeking a relaxation of the base station and terminal block edge masks in ther licence from Ofcom to provide more flexibility regarding equipment.  The study undertook modelling of interference potential from base stations and terminals under various  block edge mask scenarios to[…]

Wireless Broadband Services at 3.5 GHz

The study examined the demand for 3.5GHz spectrum for Wireless Broadband Access (WBA) services and the potential impact on the existing Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) users of the spectrum in Singapore.  The work included analysis of interference between WBA and FSS together with potential requirements for additional filtering in the satellite receivers and also guard[…]