Satellite filings and consultation support

Support was provided for satellite filings  (including link budget design) for Avanti Communications Ltd.  The company was awarded a licence to exploit the Digisat I and II filings at 33.5° W.  These filings granted Avanti the right to operate a broadcast service in the frequency allocation corresponding to the BSS plan (Region 1).  Avanti received coordination requests from administrations and satellite networks affected by the Digisat I and II filings.  In response, a preliminary assessment of the coordination situation for HYLAS was undertaken in preparation for coordination activities.  Various tasks were implemented during the course of the study using software and databases developed by the ITU-R.  These include MSPACEg software, SPS database and GIMS reference database.  In addition, ITU Radio Regulations Appendix 30 / 30A and 30B were examined.

The tasks carried out were:

  • Identification of administrations which need to be coordinated with Digisat I and II,
  • Examination of the implications of re-filing Digisat I and II filings,
  • Review of the up-to-date BSS downlink and feeder link plans and lists,
  • Identification of systems within ± 5° arc around 33.5 W with African coverage in the Ku-band frequency allocation of the FSS plan.