Potential demand for 420 to 470 MHz spectrum

This study informed Ofcom’s strategic review of UHF spectrum between 420 and 470 MHz.  The band was licensed to a range of  users scattered across the frequencies and was operated in a reverse transmit / receive configuration to band plans deployed in Europe increasing the potential for cross-border interference.

The study identified potential demand and options for the ongoing access to and use of the 420 to 470 MHz bands through a number of scenarios, namely:

  • Incumbent growth under the current band configuration
  • Expansion (or reduction) of emergency services’ use of the band
  • Incumbent growth leading to band reversal
  • Deployment of managed networks in the band
  • Introduction of LTE 450 in the band.

As part of the study the licensing trends were analysed and interviews with a wide range of industry stakeholders were held. The report has been published by Ofcom and can be found at https://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/binaries/consultations/420-470-mhz/annexes/aegis-report.pdf.