Fuelling the 5G future: understanding and delivering spectrum

Tim Miller presented and led a panel discussion at the 2nd Asia-Pacific Spectrum Management Conference in Bangkok on 26 April, on the spectrum requirements for 5G technologies globally and in the Asia Pacific region.  Tim discussed how 5G technologies are defined and the services that will run over them, the evolution of demand, and the current work[…]

Measuring productivity value achieved by technical progress

Tim Miller is taking part in a symposium organised by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) on how improvements in technology and falling prices can be better reflected in measures of productivity.  As prices for electronics and computers fall, while their capabilities rise, standard measures of productivity and wealth – such as GDP – will appear[…]

ETNO presentation on fostering broadband investment

On 26 January David Lewin and Brian Williamson presented the findings of a study for ETNO at an event in Brussels. The study, now published, considers how best to change the regulatory framework for the electronic communications in the EU. The study makes a number of proposals as to how regulation of fixed broadband access[…]

WRC-15 mobile broadband round-up: jumping on the L-bandwagon

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15) which concluded last week has identified a number of additional spectrum bands for mobile broadband. The main frequencies are the 1427-1518 MHz and 3400-3600 MHz bands. Of these, the 1427-1518 MHz (commonly known as L-band) is harmonised across all three ITU regions and offers significant[…]

Brian Williamson participated in a panel discussion at CEPS on “What is a platform and should they be regulated?”

Brian Williamson participated in a panel discussion at CEPS on platforms. The seminar aimed to answer two key questions: what is a platform, and is specific regulation necessary for online platforms? The panel discussed definitions of platforms, the dynamics of online markets and whether existing competition rules are adequate. More information on the conference can[…]

Brian Williamson spoke at the Great Telco Debate in London

Brian Williamson spoke about telecoms regulation at the Great Telco Debate in London. Brian questioned whether we had the right framework for regulating the digital world. He concluded that the appropriate regulation should allow the apps-driven digitisation of the ‘offline’ economy and encourage network innovation and transition. Brian’s presentation can be accessed below.