Assessing Batelco’s options to participate in the creation of a nationwide FTTP network for Bahrain

Plum advised Batelco on the role it could play in building a nationwide fibre to the premises (FTTP) network in Bahrain.

This study took place in the context of the Government of Bahrain’s forthcoming third national telecommunications plan, which was expected to include proposals for a nationwide FTTP network. Plum’s work comprised an assessment of the business case for such a network and advising Batelco ahead of its negotiations with the government.

To this end, Plum:

  • Developed a business model to assess the commercial viability of an FTTP network for Batelco (which included modelling deployment costs and likely consumer takeup by area)
  • Reviewed international approaches to regulating the FTTP networks of incumbent operators
  • Assessed the impact that regulation of this network might have on returns to Batelco
  • Assessed the impact of the situation in which another entity builds an FTTP network
  • Evaluated options for what role Batelco might play in building a nationwide FTTP network, and how it might negotiate with the Government to achieve the preferred outcome
  • Identified key issues for Batelco to consider, before it entered into negotiations with the Government.