DAB propagation measurements

This study involved DAB propagation measurements to inform DAB coverage planning and related to plans for the expansion of the UK DAB network in the context of the possible switch-off of some or all FM radio services.

The work consisted of a review of DAB planning criteria and as part of this work a drive test survey of DAB reception in hilly terrain on the Sussex coast was undertaken.  The measurement vehicle, shown below, was fitted with a 230 MHz receive antenna.

DAB measurements

Standard in house logging software was configured to record field strength in the 1.5 MHz DAB channel bandwidth, with each sample being time- and location-stamped using a GPS receiver.  An example of the output of the drive testing measurements are shown below:

DAB drive test data

In addition the study reported on the feasibility, timescales and costs of making measurements on existing networks and determination of potential transmit and receive sites / measurement paths.