Options for Region 1 2nd Digital Dividend Band

This study considered the band plan options for the 698 – 790 MHz spectrum (2nd digital dividend band) following from the decision at WRC-07 to identify the band 698 – 806 MHz for future IMT systems in Regions 2 and 3.  The intention was to explore the band plan options to similarly extend the digital dividend down to 698 MHz in Region 1.

The study addressed two key issues in respect of maximising spectrum in European and African countries:

  • In Europe how would it be possible to extend the digital dividend down to 698 MHz?
  • In African countries how would the deployment of an alternative band plan impact on neighbouring countries?

A number of potential band plans were examined taking into account:

  • need to maximise available spectrum
  • protection required to adjacent band TV services (implications of different guard bands)
  • implications for terminal complexity and cost.

On the basis of the analysis a band plan was proposed and the impact of such a band plan in the African context was investigated due to some countries deploying CDMA networks using Region 2 band plans at 800 MHz as shown below:

R1 2nd DD

This included investigation of the deployment constraints, through modelling, of the cross-border interference potential.